Last week, Iqra was filled with excitement as we celebrated World Book Day! The corridors were a parade of literary characters come to life as students arrived dressed as their favorite book heroes. From Mr Men characters to their very own book characters, the creativity and passion for reading was on full display.

The fun kicked off with a teachers vs. pupils quiz testing everyone’s book knowledge. Despite giving it their all, the teachers’ team was no match for the students’ literary prowess. The pupils crushed the competition, proving once again that their love of books knows no bounds!

But the highlight for many was meeting not one, not two, but three incredible authors and illustrators. Burhana Islam, Radiya Hafiza and Karin Littlewood visited the school, sharing tales of how they dreamed up their enchanting stories and artwork. The children hung on every word, looking for inspiration to fuel their own imaginative journeys.


As a special treat, students created “story necklaces” by threading snowballs onto strings that represented the different elements of a narrative plot. With each snowball representing a key event, they literally brought stories to life in wearable form. You could see the gears turning as young minds conceived new tales to immortalize on their necklaces.

From the lively costume parade to the battle of book smarts to rubbing elbows with literary greats, it was a World Book Day that will be remembered for years to come at Iqra . Here’s hoping the joy of reading captured young hearts and ignited a passion for creative storytelling!