The Iqra Choir showcased their talent and commitment to civic engagement on Thursday, May 25, as they took center stage at the London Mayoral Accountability Assembly. This event, attended by over 2000 individuals in central London, served as a platform for democratic dialogue and action. The choir’s captivating performance of ‘My Own Superhero’ resonated throughout the assembly, to a rapturous applause capturing the attention of attendees, including the esteemed Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

The children of Iqra Primary School delivered a stellar performance, with confidence and grace as they represented their school on a prominent stage. Their harmonious voices echoed the values of unity and empowerment, symbolizing the collective aspirations of their community.

Through their participation, the students of Iqra Primary School not only showcased their musical talents but also demonstrated their active role as informed and engaged citizens. By engaging with democratic processes and advocating for positive change, they embody the values of civic responsibility and community leadership instilled by their school.