In a transformative workshop on gangs and violence, Year 6 students were confronted with a raw and emotional account from a facilitator who spoke from his own lived experience. As they listened intently, the facilitator shared the harsh realities he had faced and imparted invaluable advice on staying safe, particularly as they prepared to transition to secondary school. The students understood the gravity of the message and the importance of vigilance and community support in navigating the challenges ahead.


During the workshop, the children eagerly posed numerous questions, seeking guidance on how to navigate the dangers of gangs and violence. With patience and wisdom, the visitor addressed each inquiry, emphasizing the importance of staying safe and avoiding the allure of gangs. He highlighted a crucial lesson: any object could potentially become a weapon, and carrying one could lead to severe consequences. Stressing the significance of open communication, he urged the children to confide in trusted adults and seek support when faced with difficult situations. Through his insightful teachings, the children gained a deeper understanding of the risks they might encounter and the strategies they could employ to safeguard themselves and their communities.