Year 1 recently had the exciting opportunity to participate in a scooter training session. This educational session was designed to teach our young students the essential do’s and don’ts of safely operating scooters, particularly around our local area.


Throughout the session, the children learned valuable lessons on how to handle their scooters responsibly. The training began with an introduction to basic safety rules and proper scooter etiquette, which are crucial for navigating the streets and sidewalks safely. The instructors emphasised the importance of wearing helmets, maintaining a safe speed, and being aware of other pedestrians and road users.


The children then progressed to practical scooter control exercises. This allowed them to practice starting, stopping, and steering their scooters. This experience helped the children to react to real life scenarios they may encounter, under the guidance of our professional facilitators.


By the end of the training, the children demonstrated noticeable improvement in their scooter skills. They not only became more confident in their ability to control their scooters but also gained a deeper understanding of how to stay safe while enjoying their rides. The instructors provided each child with feedback and tips for further practice, ensuring ongoing improvement in their scooter handling skills.


This scooter training session was not only a great way for students to learn about road safety but also encouraged them to be more active and independent. The skills learned will help them navigate their local neighbourhoods more safely and confidently.