This week, the eager children of year 2 gathered for an exciting session of scooter training which was filled with anticipation and giggles in the bustling playground. As they donned bright helmets and strapped on shin pads, the air filled with their keen enthusiasm. Each child’s helmet was a burst of colour, some adorned with stickers and others with playful patterns, ensuring safety was as fun as it was paramount.

The facilitators, a friendly and energetic team, introduced themselves with high-fives and smiles, instantly winning over the hearts of our young riders in KS1. They began the session by explaining the importance of wearing helmets and protective gear, demonstrating how to adjust each item for the best protection. The children listened intently, occasionally nodding or asking curious questions, clearly absorbed by the lesson.


The session then followed on with a hands-on engagement which was met with cheers. The facilitators showed each child how to mount, ride and dismount their scooters safely. They set up colourful cones and fun obstacles in a designated area of the school playground and created roads and pavements. Year 2 were able to explain and demonstrate the correct side to ride on to ensure they kept safe from any oncoming pedestrians.

As the children took turns weaving through the cones, their faces lit up with joy and pride with each successful manoeuvre. Laughter filled the air, mixed with occasional shouts of encouragement from the facilitators, who were always nearby, offering tips and high-fives. The excitement was palpable as each child eagerly awaited their turn, practising the safety techniques they had just learned.