In a lively Year 5 English lesson, Children immersed themselves in the world of “Varmints” by Helen Ward, where they explored themes of progress, environmental care, and society responsibility. Through an engaging in-class debate, children passionately articulated their viewpoints, supported by textual evidence, fostering critical thinking and dialogue. Following the debate, students transitioned seamlessly into writing their own balanced arguments, skillfully navigating opposing perspectives with clarity and coherence.


“I learnt that even when you disagree with someone, you can still respect their point of view and find common ground. It’s about understanding both sides.” MH

“Writing a balanced argument made me see things from different angles. It’s not just about proving my point, but understanding others too.” MA

“I used to think arguing meant shouting, but now I know it’s about listening and reasoning. It’s like being a detective, piecing together clues to uncover the truth.” UH