This week, Year 4 students enjoyed a wonderful day out at Brockwell Park, marking the grand finale of our primary school’s Faith Linking Project. This initiative has been an incredible journey of learning, understanding, and connection for our students, and the park visit was the perfect way to celebrate.

The day was filled with fun activities, laughter, and the forging of new friendships. Our students engaged in various games, explored the beautiful surroundings, and participated in meaningful discussions about what they have been learning about throughout the project.

The highlight of the day was seeing our students apply what they’ve learned about empathy, respect, and cooperation. They shared stories, reflected on their experiences, and celebrated the rich tapestry of beliefs that make up our community.

We are incredibly proud of our Year 4 students for their enthusiasm and openness during this project. This project has not only broadened our students’ horizons but has also strengthened the bonds within our school community.

Here’s to many more adventures in learning and connection!