Year 5 children have been unleashing their creativity in art lessons, transforming their unique designs into stunning sculptures using mod roc! This versatile plaster bandage material allows them to bring their imaginative concepts to life, from fantastical creatures to abstract forms.

Each child started by sketching their ideas, developing their vision through detailed drawings. They learned how to construct a sturdy base for their sculptures using newspaper. Then came the fun part—covering their structures with mod roc, watching their designs take shape as they layered and smoothed the plaster strips.

The classroom buzzed with excitement as the sculptures began to emerge, each one reflecting the individuality and artistic flair of its maker.

Children showing off their creativity:


Childrens Voice:

“Creating my abstract design taught me how to layer mod roc smoothly and be patient while it dried.”

“I sculpted a rose flower and discovered how fun and challenging it is to bring my drawing to life in 3D.”

I made a pizza sculpture and learned how to build a strong base using newspaper.”