Our Performance

Students enjoying their computing lesson.

Our Outstanding Performance

Our School ranked 1st in the Borough of Lambeth, which has 73 Primary schools. The Government School Performance comparison page that shows this can be found here.

Please also visit the Government School Performance Service for detailed analysis of our school data and see our letter from the Minister for Schools, Damian Hinds MP

These results, as recognised by the Schools Minister, mean that we are placed in the top 1% of Primary Schools nationally, in terms of our end of key stage 2 results in 2023.

Iqra Primary School, Lambeth2022/20232022/2023
 Expected StandardGreater Depth Standard 
Combined RWM97%21% 
GPS / SPAG86% 
Average scaled score maths111 
Average scaled score reading112 
Average progress KS1 to KS2 reading5.3 
Average progress KS1 to KS2 writing2.3 
Average progress KS1 to KS2 mathematics5.5 


School Achievement Outcomes

Our children leave our Reception class with many children achieving a ‘good level of development’ (GLD). Our figures compare very favourably against other schools both locally and nationally:



By the time pupils leave in year 6, our pupils’ achievement is well above national and local averages in reading, writing and maths. This can be seen in National Curriculum assessment (SATs) results over several years and was replicated again during the most recent tests in May 2019.

Year 1 Phonics Screening Check


Phonics teaching at Iqra is successful over a prolonged period. The 2022/23 results for Year 1 pupils in phonics were once again very good, with the majority of our pupils achieving the standard and our figures were above national figures, with 89% reaching the expected standard.

Year 1 Phonics Screening Test


KS1 (Year 2) Teacher Assessment Results – (Informed by tests)

Working at or above the expected standard

In 2022/23, our end of key stage 1 (year 2) results were outstanding in comparison to national and local figures and built on already strong data in the previous year:

Key Stage 1 (Year 2 Test Results)


KS2 (Year 6) Working at or above the expected standard

In 2022/23 Iqra continued to excel in terms of the standards achieved by our pupils moving

onto their secondary schools as measured by Key stage 2 Year 6 Test Results.

These results, alongside our emphasis on providing our children with a broad and balanced curriculum,

are something of which we can all be proud.


Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar97%97%86%72%
Teacher explaining a story during an English lesson.
Student focused on her teacher during a lesson.

Section 48 Ofsted Inspection Report – June 2016

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