Our Uniform

Students enjoying their computing lesson.
Students entering the school at the beginning of the day in their uniforms.
Boy and girl in their school uniform.
Girl student in her Summer uniform.
Students in their school uniform during lesson time.

IQRA Primary School has a compulsory school uniform.

We are monitoring uniform daily. If your child/ren arrives at school in the incorrect uniform a text message will be sent to notify you. If you receive more than two messages in a week, you will be asked to bring in the correct uniform.


  • Hijaab  (with no pins) White
  • Blouses White
  • Tunics / Pinafore / Trousers (Grey)
  • Cardigan Royal blue with logo
  • School shoes black
  • Socks (White)

Girls: summer uniform

  • a light blue, checked gingham dress may be worn, with trousers


  • Shirt or Polo shirt White
  • Trousers (Grey) 
  • Sweatshirt Royal blue with logo
  • School shoes black
  • Socks black / white

P.E kit

Boys and Girls

  • Royal Blue  tracksuit bottoms and P.E. t-shirt with the school logo (Key Stage 2 girls wear a long sleeved, white PE shirt with school logo)
  • Pupils may wear their (plain black*) trainers to school on P.E. days. If trainers are NOT black, they should be brought to school in a bag and changed into for PE at the appropriate time.


Acceptable trainers include the examples of plain, black footwear below:

Unacceptable trainers include the examples of footwear shown below:

Where to buy our Uniform

We do not sell school uniform, it can be purchased from:

Wear Abouts Norwood
358 Norwood Road
London SE27 9AA.

Tel: 020 8244 7887

Please use the following link to purchase our school uniform: 

Iqra Primary School

They are a reputable school uniform company based on Norwood Road. We hope that you will be as pleased as we are with their courteous and efficient service.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further queries regarding this matter.