Pupil Premium

Students enjoying their computing lesson.

At Iqra Primary School we are proud of our record in terms of spending the significant amount of money the Government makes available to support the learning of those pupils who are entitled to benefit  from what has become known as the pupil premium grant.

Please open the latest PDF report below to see how we used last year’s money and the tremendous difference it made to our pupils.

Iqra VA Primary School Premium Grant Planned Expenditure Report 2017/18


  • To increase the number of pupil premium children who achieve above National Average (Greater Depth).
  • To improve the attainment and progress of pupil premium children in writing.
  • To help families on a low income overcome the impact of economic disadvantage.
  • To support the emotional wellbeing of disadvantaged pupils

Amount of Pupil Premium Grant Received for academic year 2017/18 £138,600

Amount of Pupil Premium Grant Projected for academic year 2018/19 = £128,796.80

Pupil Premium grant anticipated spending by implementation 2018/19

Year GroupItem / InitiativeCost (rounded)Objective / DescriptionExpected Outcome


Targeted support Sept / Oct – additional teacher, with a focus on more able pupil premium pupils£6,000P1: Support for pupils in English & maths in preparation for end of key stage assessmentsIncreased %ages at mastery / exceeding ARE
1, 2,3,4,5,6Intervention teacher£22,980P2: Targeted Support for pupils in EnglishPupil premium pupils attainment is at least in line with attainment for all
2,3,4,5,6Intervention professional£18,991P1: Targeted Support for pupils in Mathsincrease % Pupil premium pupils achieving mastery
6AHT interventions Jan-May, including pastoral care£12,000P1 / P2: Support for pupils in English & maths in preparation for end of key stage assessmentsPupil premium pupils attainment in line with attainment for all
2 & 5AHT interventions throughout the year£4,000Support for pupils in English & MathsPupil premium pupils attainment in line with attainment for all
AllAHT pastoral support throughout the year£6,000P4: Support for pupils at playtimes / in lessonsPupil premium pupils supported to feel safe, valued and included
2 & 6CGP revision materials£2,500P2 / P3: As aboveAs above
6After school Booster classes; March-April£1,200P2 / P3: As aboveAs above
6Before school Breakfast club (May)£500P2: Temp – During SATs provisionAs above
AllSupport staff interventions, Reading booster groups£10,000P2: Targeting pupil premium children below ARE 
AllSupport staff interventions Maths booster groups£10,000P3: Targeting pupil premium children below ARE 
1Wave 3 literacy support£2,000P2: Phonics acquisition & reading skillspupils at ARE
Year RChatterbox sessions / Terrific Talkers£2,000P3: Speaking and listening support, social skills & vocabulary workIncreased skills in asking, answering, waiting, confidence
AllSpecialist speech and language interventions£9,000P3: Targeted and varied provisionPupils increased ability to converse, understand, listen, turn take
AllSupport staff additional, focussed in class support for targeted pupils£20,000P1 / P2: Across all areas, targeting PP pupilsPP pupils made good progress, attainment gap closed in all year groups using ARE measure
AllSupport for access to educational visits / clubs£5,000P3: Ensuring inclusive access to wider opportunitiesNo pupils excluded from participation
Years 1-6Logic & Reasoning (P4C) classes, targeting more able pupils£10,000P3: Thinking skills, critical awareness skills, questioning skillsPupils benefiting from higher order (metacognitive) skills
Total £152,171  
Students learning about musical instruments during a music lesson.
Students working together in an SRE lesson.

Achievement for All

Iqra has been working in partnership with Achievement for All since Autumn 2015 and has seen a marked improvement in many aspects including working with parents and carers on children’s targets as part of the AfA framework.

Achievement for All works closely with parents, carers, teachers and the individual child to secure the best outcome and attainment for the pupils through personalised and specific targets. The specific programmes of support aim to raise children’s self-esteem, build stamina and resilience and remove barriers to learning.

Iqra is now recognised for its work by the award of the Achievement for All Quality Mark which recognises the impressive work being done by the school to improve progress in reading, writing and maths for all pupils, particularly those with barriers to learning.

Iqra is continuing to build on the success and accomplishments of this effective initiative.