School Lunches

Students enjoying their computing lesson.

Our school dinners are provided by a company called ‘Nourish’ who pride themselves on their ability to offer a delicious, healthy and well-balanced menu.

The menu is available on the right of the page.

A selection of fresh fruit available on the school lunch menu.
Dining Hall Helper helping the children enjoy their school lunch.

School dinners used to cost £2.65 per meal.

However, with funding guaranteed by the Mayor of London’s administration for both the current academic year and for academic year 2024/2025, meals are now able to be offered to all of our children entirely FREE OF CHARGE.

If you do decide that your child should have school dinners then you will be included on the school dinner register for half a term; if you would like to change your child to home packed lunch then you may do so but only at the start of the new half term period.

Please keep the office up to date of your child’s lunchtime arrangements. 

Please view IQRA Primary Schools Lunch menu below.

Free School Lunches

To read more about the London Mayor’s FREE School Lunches for all primary aged children initiative, please click below.