School Travel

Girl reading to a young boy.

Walking and, more importantly, walking safely, matters. At Iqra, we don’t take any chances and train our year 3 children how to be roadside smart; we bring in accredited road safety specialists to deliver a morning of pedestrian training. This is always popular with our pupils and goes hand-in-hand with our commitment towards promoting healthy lifestyles.

Girl reading to a young boy.

Iqra Primary School promotes sustainable travel consistently, encouraging staff, parents and pupils to give consideration to their own uses of public transport, car sharing, cycling, park & stride and, of course, walking.

On this page, find out about some of our work and take a look at some of the images that demonstrate the activities we love taking part in.

We host PEDDLE MY WHEELS events where parents can buy bikes at an affordable price.

Travel Tracker is used to encourage our pupils to think about how they come to school and to encourage then to consider whether they can at least park & stride, use a scooter, or even walk the whole way. We have this as a focus every Wednesday and Thursday and the children are fully involved in seeing who has been ‘class of the week’ and what the running points totals are for this friendly competition.

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