Students enjoying their computing lesson.
Teacher overseeing the use of the digital screen for a Maths lesson.
Maths No Problem Accredited School
Maths No Problem Accredited School


Problem-solving, cognition and numeracy

At Iqra, we use a Singapore Maths approach to enhance our children’s understanding of number and their ability to think around the subject, articulate their thinking and develop their strategies to solve calculation problems, word problems and ability to analyse data.

Mathematical thinking skills enable students to solve problems, which as well as supporting independent living skills, provides the pleasure and sense of achievement of finding the right answer to a question. Early mathematical skills enable students to access many valued social activities and experiences, such as games, sports and music, and to attain a level of independence and autonomy in practical living.

Our maths work produces end of key stage (SATs) results and has been recognised in both 2016 and 2017 at ministerial level.

Helpful links for pupils  (Y2 – Y4 and Y6 and Y5 when needed)   (Homework – English and Maths)