Students enjoying their computing lesson.

Our Science Vision

At Iqra Primary School, our vision is to give children a broad and balanced, knowledge enriched, Science curriculum which enables them to explore and understand the world and universe around them. We want science learning to extend beyond the classroom into the outdoors as well as the home environment so that children have a deeper understanding of how the world works. Children are encouraged to use their curiosity to ask scientific questions and use scientific enquiry skills to discover answers.

Children engage in practical ‘hands on’ activities to explore, experiment and investigate ideas. We want children to think deeply about science so that they can reflect upon their learning experiences and evaluate and apply their reasoning. We want children to extend their scientific knowledge and vocabulary so that they can make links to the real world. Our aim is to create lifelong learners and young scientists of the future.

Iqra Primary School’s Seven Science Principles

We aim for science in our school to ensure that…

  • Learning is fun and everyone is excited and enthusiastic about science.
  • Children are curious about the world around them and ask scientific questions.
  • Children explore, experiment and investigate ideas through scientific enquiry and find answers to scientific questions.
  • Children are engaged in practical learning and ‘hands on’ activities.
  • Children develop scientific thinking through reflecting on their learning and explaining their reasoning.
  • Children use correct scientific vocabulary confidently.
  • Science is given a real purpose so that children can make links to real life and current events.