Online Learning

Students enjoying their computing lesson.


Attendance is compulsory during live sessions.  Lessons will start from Monday 6th December 2021 for one week. Children will return on Monday 13th December.

Please see the links below to find the timetable for your class.


School Day Hours of study

All children must continue with their learning when they are at home. It is important that your child has a clear routine to their day for them to feel happy and satisfied and to get the most out of their learning. Routines are important for children’s success.

We have sent a reading book home, but it is important that your child has access to books to read. KS2 children have been provided with exercise books which contains their login details. KS1 children have their login details on their reading records.

Your child will be taught English, Maths as well as Foundation Subjects and Islamic Studies.  

These will live lessons in which children will need to login to their class page (instructions below) and join an online meeting.  The teacher will appear ‘live’ using Google Meet. Your child will find the link on their class page. 

It is expected that your child will complete all tasks that are set by the end of the school day (4pm). 

1:1 sessions may be requested by the teacher, if needed.  The teacher will ask to login at a specific time 

If your child has an EHCP plan, they will be further supported by the LSA during live lessons and additional sessions (if needed).

Please contact your teacher via email if you have any questions between 9am-4pm. A text message will be sent with your class teacher’s email address. 

How to login? 

Your child will login to Google Classroom using their individual username and password which has been shared with them. If they have lost their details, please contact the class teacher. 

Please login 10 minutes prior to the start of the lesson to avoid any technical problems. If you do have any technical issues contact the school office.

Please ensure your child is using a Chromebook, Laptop or PC so they can have full access to all of the learning aspects.

For more information click below

List of useful websites for parents to use at home 

Reading & Phonics 

Active Learn –

Bug Club for reading

Phonics Bug for phonics

Maths for Year 6

Whole school IXL Coming Soon ! and for maths manipulatives



If your child needs a chromebook, follow this link. 

Chromebook for Students September 2021