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Assalamu’alaikum and Welcome to all new children and parents for this academic year!

Welcome to Nursery! Asalaamalaikum!

Welcome to Iqra nursery page. I am very excited to share some of the experiences nursery children will have in our wonderful learning environment.

Very soon you will see some new, lively and beautiful pictures featuring this year’s class. Please let us know if you have any suggestions!

Thank You!

What we are learning this Year/Term

Each half term you will receive a newsletter telling you about the topics the children will be covering in that term and to inform you of any special events happening. These topics will cover the seven areas of learning: Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Communication and Language, Reading and Writing, Expressive Arts and Design, Mathematics and Understanding of the World.

Please ensure that your child attends nursery on the chosen (AM – PM) sessions, otherwise your child will be missing a lot of valuable learning time at the nursery.

The nursery timings are: 8:30am – 11:30 am session 12:30-3:30 pm session. However, gates will be open at 8:20am and 11:20pm for morning group and 12:20pm and 3:20pm afternoon group. Please be prompt when bringing and collecting your child.

This term we will be looking at and focusing on the story of ‘Owl babies’. The story is about Owl babies and their mother. This story will support children to settle in the nursery smoothly, children will also learn names of the different characters and setting of the story, owl food and the habitat.

Children will also be learning about ‘Me and My Family’. They will learn the names of their body parts through singing action songs, drawing and painting their own portraits. In small groups we will discuss about their families for example, how many family members he/she has? How many siblings? Children will learn the names of different relations e.g. grandma, grandad, uncle…

Furthermore, to develop Personal, Social and Emotional development we will also be reading stories and playing games, learning, sharing and using kind hands to help others.

Owl Babies book
Van Gogh portrait

Nursery Staff

I am Ust S. Khan, i have worked at Iqra for five years and have been the Nursery teacher since then. I hope that your child has a fantastic year at nursery. Please do let me know if you have any concerns or questions.

Ust A Ramatuar has worked at Iqra as a nursery nurse for three years. She helps out every day with all aspects of the children’s learning and welfare.

Latest Nursey News

Peace and quiet in the Library

In Nursery we always love to share stories. It is even better when you can sit quietly in the reading corner and read to your favourite cuddly toy! Libraries up and down the UK may have been financially squeezed, closed or forced to rely on volunteers, but they are...

Building for the Future

This week we have been having a lot of fun in Nursery reading picture books and building lego models. The name Lego comes from “Leg godt,” a Danish phrase meaning “play well.” Founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen started making wooden toys in his workshop in Billund, Denmark...

How You Can Help

  • Bring in any stories or books about our topic that we can share in class.
  • Go to the library with your child and read a story of the Owl babies together.
  • Talk to your children about the different types of birds they can see in their environment.
  • Talk about how the type of food you eat is different to birds.
  • Encourage sharing and waiting for their turn.
  • Encourage your child to tidy up their own toys.
  • Please encourage your child to dress up independently.
  • Please do not send your child wearing laces shoes, this may cause an accident.


Children will recite Surah Faatiha and knowledge dua every day and will practice saying Salaams and JazakAllah to each other. Please encourage your child at home to practice these manners. Insha’Allah over the year we are aiming to memories four last Surahs.
There will be an opportunity for you and your child to choose a book together to take home to read and then return. You will be provided with a log book to record each time you change the book. Encourage your child to read! Reading the text and talking about the pictures together helps them to learn new words every day.
Every Tuesday – please dress your child with correct PE kit, white T-shirt and blue bottom.
We always need small boxes, tubes, yoghurt pots, small plastic bottles, ribbons and material for our junk modeling. Please bring in anything you can find at home.
Your child is outdoors during the day whatever the weather. So make sure they wear their correct uniforms.
Some children do have accidents during the day and we sometimes need to change their clothes. Please have a complete change of clothes in school in a named bag.

We are looking forward to work with you and your child in this Autumn term. Thank you for your support. Please feel free to talk to any one of us, if you have any problems or queries.

Jazakha’Allah khayrun.