Year 2

Year 2

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Assalamu’alaikum and welcome to all Year 2  children and parents for this academic year!

Assalamu alaykum!

Welcome to Iqra Year 2 page. We have been participating in a range of fun and engaging activities both online and offline As we progress to Summer 2, I will be looking forward to the new challenges Year 2 has to offer. Hopefully, we will get to share our learning experiences.

Thank You for your support in your children’s learning!


What we are learning this Year/Term

Online Learning

This term we will continue with our online learning. On Tuesday, we have KS1 assembly at 1:00 pm.

Mon: Islamic Studies 12pm-12.40pm

1pm-2.30pm Class Lessons

Tues: Islamic Studies 12pm-12.40pm

1pm-2.30pm Class Lessons

Weds 1pm-2.30 Class Lessons

Thurs 1pm-2.30pm Class Lessons.

We will have online breaks daily as well at 2:30pm.

We have English, Maths and Online Reading on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday’s and Thursday will include either Maths or English. and a foundation subject (Science History/Geography).

Guided Reading/Online Reading will still happen.

On Friday, we will have not have any online teaching but we will still have activities posted. 

In terms of completing work, it is best to complete it on the day that it is scheduled or taught. We also give the children opportunities to complete as much work as possible online.  

In terms of behaviour and expectations, please ensure showing good listening through their body language and show respect whilst others are speaking. Do not eat or drink during the lesson. If you are having technical issues please let me know and we will help you where possible. You can see the topics for this term and the learning links on our class page.



In English we are looking at The Robot and the Bluebird by David Lucas. This heartwarming story is about a Robot who ends up on the scrapheap because of a broken heart. However, he meets a bluebird who is willing to be his friend. 

The children will write a non-chronological report, persuasive text and writing in role.


This term, we are consolidating children’s knowledge on number making sure they build on place value, addition and subtraction! Also, we will be solving word problems!



In Science, we will be looking at Habitats. This topic covers what different environments animals live in and why they are suited to that environment. The children will look at their local area and take photos of what they have done.

Art and DT

This term in Art, the children will learn about tsculpting different materials and moulding different clay into different shapes. We are hoping to create an outstanding piece of artwork using soaps and clay.

In DT, we will be creating different fruit snacks as weekly projects. Eventually, you will get to create your final fruit snack. 

PSHE-Going for Goals

In PSHE, the children will be setting goals for themselves and explaining how they will be sticking to them when it is difficult. By the end of the topic, they will be able to give advice to others on how to set goals and reach them.

Year 2 Staff

Joining us in January, Ustadaha Mahmoud is an amazing teacher who has had years of experience in teaching children at KS1 and KS2. 

Ust Uddin Has been a teaching assistant at Iqra for 10 years, mostly in year 1 but now has moved into year 2. She is a trusted and familiar face to all the children at Iqra and a great team member of the year 2 team.

Ust. Shopna has been working with this current class since reception.

Ust. Begum has been working with this current class since reception

Latest Year 2 News

Forest School-Clapham Common

At the beginning of the term,  year 2 went on a trip to Clapham Common. The children's mission was to build a tower out of sticks taller than the adults. This required great teamwork and problem solving skills. Ustadha Mahmoud showed the groups how to tie the sticks...

Year 2

  Assalamu’alaikum and Welcome to all of the children and parents for this academic year!Welcome to Year 2! Asalaamalaikum! Welcome to Iqra Year 2 page. We have been participating in a range of fun and engaging activities both online and offline As we progress to...

Mary Seacole Workshop

At the end of the term, the children participated in a Mary Seacole workshop. For their history topic, the children studied significant individuals such as Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell. These individuals made a huge difference to nursing and...

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