Year 5

Year 5

Assalamu’alaikum Year 5 Welcome all to Spring 1!

Year 5 Book Character

Welcome to Year 5,  Assalaamu- Alaikum.

A warm welcome to Spring 1.  Hope you had a restful half term break!

What we are learning this Year/Term



To start the term we will be reading ‘A Boy and A Bear in a Boat’ by Dave Shelton.  We will be focusing on writing poetry and story writing in the role of a character.  We will then move on to writing news paper reports and character descriptions.

Following on from this we will be studying  ‘Varmints’ by Helen Ward.   



In year 5 we will be reading Skellig by David Almond.  We will be focusing on children’s understanding of the texts.  This will include learning new vocabulary and understanding its meaning, which will then support them to use it correctly in their writing.  We will also be practicing SATs style practice questions to improve their performance.

 It is important that your child also reads at home everyday. Please listen to your child read and ask them questions about their current book.  We encourage children to read a wide range of books. Please speak to me if your child does not have regular access to suitable reading material at home.  Children are able to join local libraries which are free



We will continue learning about fractions, adding fractions to make improper fractions, simplifying them into mixed numbers, finding common denominators and subtracting mixed numbers and improper fractions. We will then move on to multiplying fractions by whole numbers and multiplying mixed numbers by whole numbers.  

Following on from this, we will then move on to exploring decimals, where children will begin to compare decimal numbers and add and subtract decimals before turning decimals into fractions. 

 By the end of the term we will be learning how to convert fractions and decimals into percentages.





In computing this term we will working on Scratch Maths exploring Block Based Programming to create shapes and patterns using our mathematical knowledge of geometry.



Our topic this half term will be Materials.  We will be looking at how solid particles can be separated and investigate which solids dissolve in water.  We will be carrying our experiments to see how dissolved solids can be recovered by evaporating.



This term we will be learning about the effects of Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and the Scots settlement in Britain and use artefacts, pictures and sources to infer and compare people.



P.E. will be on Monday and Tuesdays. Please ensure that your child has the correct P.E. Kit and suitable footwear.



Our topic this term in DT  is Food Technology, where we will be celebrating culture & seasonality. Year 5 will be looking at nutritional and health benefits which support a healthy lifestyle.  Children will be learning how culture affects dishes produced, and will make a savoury dish.  They will use a range of cooking techniques such as: chopping, peeling, grating slicing, mixing, spreading, kneading and baking.

Year 5 are very excited, as they will be using the newly refurbished DT room. 



Year 5 class assembly this term will be on Thursday 16th January 2020.  The year 5 team are all excited to show you their class performance.


There's a boy in the girls bathroom book
Gravity shown with the earth.

Year 5 Staff

Ustadha Gaffar has been working at Iqra for a number of years as a key member of the team.

Ustadha Khan  joined us last year and has years of experience teaching children.

Ustadha Forbes is always on hand helping individual children acheive their potential. smile

Latest Year 5 News



  To start the term we will be focusing on writing stories in the role of a character.  We will then move on to poetry. Children will read a collection of poems which they will annotate. We will also be creating stories from different characters viewpoints during...

Science Day

Science Day

Year 5 celebrated Science Week with a day packed with science activites.  They made catapults from mashmallows (forces) and created a lava effect using oil and water. They also made board games which looked at engineering and the channel tunnel....

Ship Ahoy!

Ship Ahoy!

Year 5 visited the National Maritime Museum as part of their English topic 'Shackleton's Journey'. They were able to see the original photos and artefacts from the expedition. Although the boat , The 'Endurance', did not make the journey to Antartica,...

What can you do to Help?

  • Ensure homework is completed and handed in on time.
  • Ensure your child learns their times tables and spellings and practises them regularly.
  • Listen to your child read regularly and discuss the book they are reading.
  • Ensure your child has a good night’s sleep and a filling breakfast before coming to school.

If there are any questions or worries relating to your child please do not hesitate to speak to me.

Thank you in anticipation of your support this term.

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