The Selfish Giant

Last week some of our lucky children got to visit “One of Time Out’s Best Family Christmas Shows in London!”

“The snow covered up the grass with her great white cloak and the frost painted all the trees silver…”

The children stepped into a theatrical world where giants were their neighbours and a once beautiful garden was stuck in everlasting winter. They got to explore an extraordinary friendship, and how even saw how the grumpiest giant’s heart can melt when Spring finally comes.


Following last year’s Offie award-winning Christmas show, Omnibus Theatre is presented an enchanting new adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s celebrated short story The Selfish GiantThis heart-warming re-imagining combines captivating storytelling with spellbinding puppetry, original music and a sprinkling of festive magic.

Grinter is a giant. She lives happily alone in her huge cold house, surrounded by her huge snowy gardens, enclosed by her high, frost-covered walls. She shuts out the world, because long ago, the world shut her out, and so she hides, safe and quiet in her peaceful, icy home. Outside the towering walls of her enormous garden, the world has been changing and there is very little green left. One day, the children – tired of playing on hard roads and grey rooftops – find a gap in the giant’s wall and climb through, changing the course of the children’s and Grinter’s lives forever. 

Critically acclaimed Family Theatre makers Tessa Bide Productions and Soap Soup Theatre have collaborated on this enthralling play, beautifully crafted for all ages.

Omnibus Theatre, who work with many of the classes at Iqra have their own page on the play here