On Wednesday 16th December 2020, Year 3 were excited to take part in our forest school activity of making a campfire and cooking some delightful marshmallow sandwiches.

We first discussed the rules for fire safety and made sure we were standing behind the safety barrier of 2 metres and dressing safely.

Then children discussed the importance of always remaining with the fire whilst being safe. Children were shown why it is important to use dry materials to start a fire. Year 3 then discussed the final aspect which was to put out the fire with small amounts of water at a time so that we don’t create a big cloud of steam.

The class was divided into 3 groups with an allocated adult  and the children stood around the BBQ at a distance of 2 metres. Some children created a waffle using pieces of dry wood and placed cotton wool around. A fire key was used to create sparks to start a fire and children wafted the fire to help the fire grow. Once the fire was going the children were given long skewers with a marshmallow to roast in the fire. 

After the marshmallows had roasted we used biscuits to slide the marshmallow off the skewers, creating our marshmallow sandwiches. The children enjoyed eating their culinary masterpieces!