Dear Parent/ Guardian 


RE: Supporting your child with reading 


Every level of academic success is connected to reading. The quality of a child’s reading is often a sure sign to their ability to be able to succeed at school and beyond. 

In KS1 we use a reading program called Bug club to help your child develop their reading. 


What is Bug Club? 

Bug Club is a finely-levelled reading scheme, which ensures that all children can read books at exactly the right level for them. What’s more, there are online versions for every printed title and a personalised website for each child. 


It is absolutely critical that parents read daily with their children as much as possible, or at least 10 minutes everyday. Lockdown has meant that some of our children are now behind by as much as 4 months in their reading which-if we do not intervene now-can have a long term effect on their progress in school. 


We want to ensure that despite the summer lockdown; our children are excelling in their education. 


As a parent, you can make a huge difference to your child’s progress through supporting them in reading everyday. Ten minutes everyday can make a huge difference to their progress at school. 


We have enclosed some notes to help support you in accessing online books through Bug club and helping your child to read. The more books they read and have a discussion over, the better their progress will be. 


Please take a moment to read through the notes which will give you an idea on how to best support your child. There are further resources for you to print to help encourage your child to read. 

Yours sincerely, 

Ustadh Sayed 

Assistant Headteacher 

For further information on how to use Bug Club click here

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Reading Record Sheet 

Reading Record Sheet Version 2