Year 6 have been making the most of coming into school on time and making the most of their learning.  Their school day starts with a 10-minute SATs Buster practice on Maths, Grammar or Reading.  These activities contain lots of SATs style questions which are helping our Year 6 children close any gaps in their learning.

Early Morning Work is supporting our Year 6 children to revise using key concepts of their learning, which gives them the chance to practise their Maths, Reading or Grammar skills every day.

Yr 6 Children Voice.

“Early morning work is very helpful because it has started preparing me for SATs which are coming up very soon.” RO

“I find it fun to do Early Morning Work because I am eager to pass my SATs and make my parents proud.” AF

“I’ve seen an improvement in my maths scores because of Early Morning Work.  These 10-minuste Maths workouts have enabled me to become confident in areas which I wasn’t before.” RB

Below are pictures of our Year 6 children in action.




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