Asslamulakum (wtb) Parents! Usthada Khan and the Early Years team welcome all the families and children back after the break.

This term our Topic is ‘Festival and cultural celebrations’ . The first four weeks of this half term we will focus on what counties we are from and how we are different from each other. What different dressing different cultures have and what a variety of food different cultures eat. From 20th February till 17th March the nursery children will have many opportunities to talk and learn about the name of their origin countries, will zoom into ‘Google Earth’ to see where is that particular country is.
The parents will be invited to read stories in their native language or sing.
We will have a cultural celebration day where the children can dress up in traditional clothes. (Due to health and safety, the children must wear their school shoes)

Insha’Allah, The week beginning 20th March we will start learning all about the ‘Ramadan’.

As per usual all seven areas of learning will be covered.

During Ramadan Nursery class will focus on the book ‘Welcome Ramadan’. We will read a variety of books about Ramadan such as ‘Ramadan Moon’ ;Sweet Dates to Eat’.

We will learn about routines of fasting through learning short duas and making healthy food plates for Suhoor and Iftar.
Our role play area will be transformed into a masjid so children may pray and mimic what they may see at the masjid during this holy month. Nursery will make Ramadan / Eid cards, lanterns, and many more fun activities.
As a class we will learn some Ramadan and Eid nasheeds.

Insha’Allah this term some children will be start learning Phase 2 phonics sounds.

How You Can Help
Bring in any stories or books related to our topic that we can share in class.
Allow children to join in with suitable Ramadan routines
Where possible visit the masjid sharing experiences with your child
Go to the library with your child and read together.
Talk to your children about Ramadan.
Encourage children to talk about what the family will be eating for suhoor and iftar.
Encourage your child to dress up independently/clean themselves appropriately when using toilets

Children will recite Surah Faatiha to Surah Ikhlas daily. Nursery will be trained in basic Islamic etiquettes, for example greeting one another with Salam and bidding farewell with Fiamanillah. They will also be encouraged to say Jazakhallah khair, InshaAllah and Subhanallah were appropriate. We will also have a special focus on Ramadan Duaas.

We are looking forward to work with you and your child in this term. Thank you for your support. Please feel free to talk to any one of us, if you have any queries.
Jazakha’Allah khayrun.

Book Changing/homework
Please send the borrowed books back regularly so your child can take a new book home. Reading records must be signed in order for your child to receive a new reading book on Monday.

Homework: Insha’Allah from this half term the Nursery children will receiving some homework to complete during the weekend. Please send the completed homework by Monday.

We always need small boxes, tubes, yoghurt pots, small plastic bottles, ribbons and material for our junk modelling. Please bring in anything you can find at home.

PE: Every Wednesday is the PE day for morning sessions children.
Every Tuesday is for Afternoon session children.
Please send them in their PE kit with trainers so they can have a full benefit of the lesson. Insha’Allah!
Some children do have accidents during the day and we sometimes need to change their clothes. Please have a complete change of clothes in school in a named bag.

We are looking forward to work with you and your child in this term. Thank you for your support. Please feel free to talk to anyone of us, if you have any problems or queries.

The Nursery Staff: Ust Khan, Ust Rashid & Ust Mariyam