What a busy term so far! The nursery children have been very busy in a variety of activities and learning new knowledge and skills.

I would like to say a huge Jazakallah Khairan to all the parents who made the teaching of the ‘Festival and Islamic Cultural Celebration’ topic accessible, by sending the pictures of the countries where they have visited or where they are from.
Jazakallah Khaian to all those parents who volunteered to read the stories to our young and inquisitive children. Umm Adam.C read the story in French. Umm Zaynab read the story in German and Umm Rahma and Ibrahim sang ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ in Somali. Masha’Allah to all the amazing mummies!
Hang on there! Our daddies did not stay back, they also came forward to be a positive male role model which is as essential as female positive role models.
Abi Abdul-Khani read a story about animals around the world and Abi Ismaeel read the story of ‘Topsy and Tim go to Hospital’. Masha’Allah Abi Ismaeel is a Doctor and he brought his special equipment with him for children to hold and experience. Our young enthusiastic children had the opportunity to listen to their heart beats, look at the tongue compressor, and ear check light. WOW, it was such a marvellous experience.

We celebrated the world book day, every child dressed up as their favourite story character. They explained about their characters.
Below are some examples of the children’s responses.

Aqeelah – ‘I am Goldilocks. She ate all the porridge and slept in the bear’s bedroom. I broke the baby bear’s chair’.
Rahma – ‘I am snow white and I took a bite of an apple and fell asleep’.
Tahmid – ‘ I am spider man Tahmid. I can sing my song Spiderman, Spiderman you can’t catch me, I am spider man’.

Ismaeel – ‘I am Dr Haroon. I make people better and give them medicine. I check their heartbeat. I work in a hospital’.

Zara – ‘I am Sleeping Beauty. A princess and I have magic powers’.

Abdul-Khani – ‘I am the Gruffalo. I am bran. He stamps’.