This term, Year 2 have explored various maps, including treasure maps, world maps, town maps and more. We then looked into using simple fieldwork and observational skills to study the geography of Iqra Primary School and its local surroundings. 


We visited Clapham Common High Street to explore the key human  features in our local area. We took notes on our research sheet which we then used to create a map of our local area – Clapham Common. 

We saw the following human features on Clapham Common High Street:

SS: I enjoyed using my map symbols to help me find the different human features on Clapham High Street.

HM: It was fun walking and seeing lots of different takeaway shops and cafes like Starbucks, McDonalds and KFC. 

AU: I saw the library that I visit on weekends. It is next to the Metro bank. 

KC: There was important places like the doctors, a library, car park, the church and the tube station.

AD: Our local school area is very busy. So many people were going into the tube station!