On 15th May, Year 5 went to the Jewish Museum in Camden. It was a long journey but the children took in the sights of London on the way.

The children learnt about the Sabbath and what rituals are carried out as part of the celebration. They looked at the artefacts which are used and the  food eaten.










The children were able to look at the objects in the gallery which included some of the artefacts used in the home and those found in the synagogue. They saw a Torah which was 300 years old and tried on a prayer shawl worn by men in the synagogue. The completed a worksheet about the objects. 



Candle Making

Candles are used in the Jewish ceremonies. The children had an opportunity to make their own candles. First they softened the wax, inserted the wick and then plated three together to make a candle with 3 wicks. The children enjoyed this activity and were able to take the candle home.








Year 5 asked some interesting questions before we left the museum.