Year 3s embarked on a trip to the Natural History Museum on Thursday 23rd November 2023. 

The day kicked off with a bang as our students were greeted by the spectacular Volcano Exhibition. Witnessing the power and majesty of these natural wonders left our young geographers wide-eyed and eager to learn. The interactive displays allowed them to explore the inner workings of volcanoes, from the molten magma to the explosive eruptions. 


Next on the agenda was the Fossil Exhibition, a journey through time that transported our students to the prehistoric world. The fossilised remains of dinosaurs, ancient plants, and marine life captured the imaginations of our Year 3 explorers. Engaging with real fossils and replicas allowed them to touch and feel the remnants of creatures that once roamed the Earth. 

The adventure continued with a visit to the Rocks Exhibition, where our budding geologists had the opportunity to explore the diverse world beneath our feet. From the formation of different rock types to the fascinating processes that shape the Earth’s crust, this exhibit provided a comprehensive look at the science of rocks.


Throughout the day, our Year 3 students demonstrated not only their enthusiasm for learning but also their exemplary behaviour and engagement. The trip to the Natural History Museum served as a perfect complement to the classroom curriculum, offering a tangible and memorable experience that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on their education.