A group of our school’s young students recently took a break from their usual routine to help out at the construction site of our new school building. Under the guidance of site manager Joe, the kids worked on a fun project—planting a small garden.

What made this project special was Joe’s creative use of recycled materials. He turned Iqra’s old sinks into cool planting pots, giving the gardening a sustainable twist. The children eagerly got their hands dirty, leveling the soil and placing the plants in different spots to create a colorful garden.

But it wasn’t just about gardening—Joe also shared details about the future school layout. He pointed out where classrooms and the playground would be, giving the kids a sneak peek into what’s coming. The kids not only had a good time but also learned a bit about how the new school is taking shape.

Thanks to this collaboration, the builders now have a nice set of plants to enjoy during their breaks, adding a positive touch to the construction site. This initiative not only brings the community together but also adds a green touch to the ongoing development of our new school.