In the bustling world of Year 6, something extraordinary has been bubbling in our science class! The children have been delving into the fascinating science of  bread. 


In our Year 6 science adventures, we’ve recently dived into the captivating realm of Classifying Living Things, focusing our keen observational skills on an unexpected subject – bread! Our young scientists orchestrated a fascinating experiment by subjecting slices of bread to various conditions, eagerly watching to unveil the mysteries of bacterial growth


For an entire week, our curious minds turned into meticulous observers, documenting the bread under various conditions – heat, moisture, and light. The classroom buzzed with excitement as we explored the mysteries that unfolded without even turning on the oven. As microscopic detectives, our students recorded the subtle changes in each environment, linking the observations back to our broader exploration of classifying living organisms.  Children were surprised  as they observed the green mould began to show its ugly head!