Iqra choir illuminated the stage at the Omnibus Theatre during a special visit from none other than His Royal Highness, Prince Edward. Iqra children mesmerized the audience with their renditions of “Allahi Allahi Kiya Karo” and “One Big Family.”

Prince Edward engaged warmly with the young performers, expressing genuine interest in their musical journey and the repertoire they cherished. His Royal Highness took the time to converse with the children, delving into their musical preferences and the joy they find in song.

The presence of Prince Edward at the Omnibus Theatre underscored a larger appreciation for the invaluable community contributions made by Omnibus Theatre. As a testament to its commitment to fostering artistic talent and nurturing local initiatives, the theatre welcomed the royal guest, showcasing the impactful work being done within the community.

The relationship between Iqra and the Omnibus Theatre has been a longstanding partnership that enriches both parties. Beyond the performances, the theatre extends its support to Iqra by providing drama lessons and a platform to showcase their theatrical skill.

The coming together of  art, royal support, and community involvement showcases how Iqra and the Omnibus Theatre collaborate to enrich our communities and culture.