Year 6: Journey Through Pages – Book Week Extravaganza!”

Last week, Iqra School was abuzz with excitement as we celebrated Book Week with a plethora of engaging activities and workshops for our students. From dressing up in book-themed costumes to delving into captivating stories, it was a week filled with creativity, imagination, and, most importantly, a celebration of the joy of reading. The children looked amazing in their costumes, A big thank you to all the children and families for your efforts!

We had the privilege of hosting two esteemed authors, Karin Littlewood and Burhana Islam. Their visit added an extra layer of excitement and inspiration to our festivities as they shared their expertise and insights with our stu

Burhana Islam delighted our students with her workshop on crafting funny stories. Drawing from her own experiences as an author and illustrator, she shared techniques and tips to tickle the funny bone while weaving captivating narratives. As the author of “Amazing Muslims Who Changed the World,” Burhana offered unique perspectives on storytelling and encouraged our students to embrace their creativity.

The children  were absolutely enthralled by the inspiring and creative visit from Karin Littlewood, a renowned author and illustrator whose work has captivated readers of all ages.  Following Karin Littlewood’s inspiring visit, the children eagerly participated in a workshop where they had the opportunity to craft their own “necklaces of story ideas.” Immersed in creativity, they delighted in the process of generating their unique story concepts and translating them into vivid illustrations. With boundless enthusiasm, the students explored various themes, characters, and settings, allowing their imaginations to run wild. Each bead on their metaphorical necklace represented a different story element, weaving together to form intricate narratives filled with wonder and excitement.


Karin’s engaging presentation left a lasting impression on the students, sparking their imagination and igniting their passion for storytelling and art. Through her insightful anecdotes and interactive demonstrations, Karin shared her journey as a creator, inspiring the young minds to explore their own artistic potential.

The children also took part in a book swop and a ‘Teachers V Children book quiz’.