This term has been filled with wonderful learning experiences and adventures in our reception class! Here’s a glimpse into what we’ve been up to:Celebrating World Book Week:
During World Book Week, our classroom buzzed with excitement as the children engaged in a variety of activities celebrating the joy of reading. They participated in a reading competition where they read every day and logged their progress. We were also delighted to welcome a special guest the author Karin LittleWood who read the story wrriten by her called ‘IMMI’ to the reception pupils and even helped them create their very own story necklaces! Dressing-up day was a highlight, with children donning creative, adventurous, and iconic costumes. They also showcased their creativity by decorating bookmarks, crafting story hats, and enjoying many beloved stories together.
Exploring the Wonders of Science:
In addition to our literary adventures, we also delved into the fascinating world of science during Science Day celebrations. The children immersed themselves in various experiments, planting cress seeds and observing their growth with curiosity and wonder. They explored the magic of color mixing and even created their own rain using shaving foam to simulate raindrops. Science Day provided an excellent opportunity for hands-on learning and discovery, sparking curiosity and excitement about the world around us.

See the Pictures:
Don’t miss out on the fun! Check out the gallery below to see snapshots of our reception class in action during World Book Week and Science Day. From storytelling sessions to colorful experiments, it’s been a term filled with laughter, learning, and unforgettable memories!

Thank you to all the parents and guardians for your support in making this term a success. We can’t wait to continue our learning journey together