For design technology we are focusing on food and what is varied balanced diet. In preperation for our final product the children were learning about cutting techniques that are safe. The first we talked about was ensuring that are hands are washed before handling foods to make sure that our food in is prepared in hygienic conditions. Following this we learned two cutting tecniques.
The Claw Method.

This method need the children to hold the fruit or vegetable down on their chopping board by making a claw over it. The children will then slice using a sawing action and gently pressing down. This method was specifally useful for slicing.

The Bridge Method

This method was most ideal for splitting a fruit or vegetable into halves or quarters before using the claw method. The method inlcuded holding the the fruit or vegetable by placing four fingers on one end and a thumb on the other end. This made a their hands like a bridge and they places their knives under this bridge to do their cutting. The children remembered that they needed to place their index finger on the blunt side of the blade for full control of the knife ensure that they always make the sharp part of the blade pointing straight down.