Last week, our Year 3 class participated in a special school-wide art activity designed to help students creatively express their connection with Allah. This unique project provided a meaningful opportunity for the children to explore and depict their spirituality through various artistic mediums.

The activity began with thoughtful discussions about faith and the different ways we feel connected to Allah. Our Year 3 students shared personal stories and reflections, setting the stage for their artistic journey. Teachers introduced concepts such as peace, gratitude, and love, encouraging students to think about how these values are connected to their faith.

The children expressed their reflections through drawing and painting. Using vibrant colours and imaginative designs, they created beautiful artwork that symbolised their personal connections with Allah. Some depicted serene nature scenes representing the beauty of creation, while others illustrated acts of kindness and prayer. The atmosphere was filled with a sense of tranquillity and devotion as the students poured their hearts into their creations.

Overall, this art activity was a profound experience for our Year 3 students, allowing them to explore and express their faith in a creative and meaningful way. The beautiful artworks they produced are a testament to their deep spirituality and connection with Allah, and they will serve as a source of inspiration for the entire school community.