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IQRA VA Primary School

127 Park Hill, Clapham,
London SW4 9PA

Our Address

IQRA VA Primary School
127 Park Hill,
(Off Clarence Avenue)
London SW4 9PA

Our Numbers

T: 020 7622 3630

F: 020 8678 6168

Online Contact

For urgent enquiries, please telephone the school.


Mrs Humaira Saleem

Local Education Authority:


Speak to Staff

Parents wishing to speak to a member of staff should first contact Ust. Ayishat Ajikobi in the office, or ask to speak to one of the Assistant Headteachers – Ust. Hamidah Cassim or Ust. David Payne.

Speak to SENCO

Parents wishing to contact the SENCO, Ust. Farihah Sarwar, are asked to do so using the contact form, the admin email address or telephone numbers above.