Students enjoying their computing lesson.
Teacher helping a student while working on a computer.

Mobile Phones

Are your children safe using mobile phones?

Please check out this excellent guide to helping to make sure that they are.

Safeguarding Pupils’ Internet and Online Safety

The Internet is a virtual playground for children to learn, play, and explore, but it’s important to be aware of the risks, such as harmful attachments, inappropriate material, and online predators.

Microsoft Security, privacy, and online safety how-to Videos

The links to third-party resources presented here in the form of advice and short video clips address some simple steps you can take as a family to help protect everyone and stay safe online, Insha’Allah.

Please note that:

Iqra VA Primary School is not responsible for the content of external sites; the links to which are provided here for information-only purposes, and in good faith. Nor does Iqra endorse any products, services or viewpoints expressed in such sites.

The Internet’s Most Wanted

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