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Summer 1 2022

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Summer 1 2022 

This  term we have been preparing the children for the SATs test, which begin on 9th May 2022. Alhamdullilah, the children have made great progress.  We will be continuing  our preparation as well as working on the children’s portfolio of writing. 

Below, I have set out the learning for this term. Please do not hesitate to ask if there are any questions. 

Please ensure children bring a water bottle to school everyday!


In maths we are focusing on the speed of recall  as the tests are timed. Children need to work both quickly and accurately, to answer the questions presented to them in the SATs tests. There is an arithmetic paper and two reasoning papers. The reasoning papers have word problems and we are learning how to identify the important information and apply this to the problem to  find a solution. 




During our english lesson the chidlren will read our new noval ‘Floodlands’ by Marcus Sedgwick.  Floodlands is a story of a girl who is left behind by her parents when the land is flooded. She hopes to find her parents but faces many challenges along the way. Duriing the english lessons we will be building on the fluency of their writing by usong cohesion between sentences and paragraphs. We will be focusing on the children editing their own work to make improvements and the use of peer assessment to enable children to become independent writers. 

Guided Reading

During our guided reading sessions, we will be reading a range of texts, We will be looking at different question types and learning how to use retrieval, inferencing and summarising skills to answer questions using evidence from the text to support the answer. We willl also be making predictions. The children will be improving their comprehension skills in readiness for their SATs test in May.  

Science     –

Evolution and inheritance 

The children will learn about animals suitability to the environment they live in and the habitats of different animals. They will learn about the inheritence of genes from parents and extended family . The children  will also learn about adaptations and we will be using science as well as islamic principles to teach this unit of work. 



During our computing lessons, the children will use google sheets to create their own spreadsheets. They will add in formula to calculate percentages and total ticket sale as well as to create a budget sheet. The children will finally create a spreasheet for a summer fair where they will work out the individual cost of items and how may tickets they need to sell. 



Year 6 have P.E on Thursdays. Please ensure that children come to school in their P.E kit and bring  water bottles.

Year 6 Staff

I have been working at Iqra for a number of years as a key member of the team. I have gained valuable experience working mainly in Year 5 and 6. I have a keen interest in teaching maths and as Maths Lead I am dedicated to making a positive impact in the standards scheived in maths across the school. 



Ustadh Hajji loves sports and discipline! He’s always ready to help Year 6 achieve their goals. He has been working in year 6 for a number of years and is an asset to the class. 

Ustadha Shelton is working as an LSA in year 6. She has worked with the class for a few years. She is an asset to the class and a helpful member of the class.  

Hard working and aiming for the best, Ustdha Forbes works closely with children to help them progress. 

Latest Year 6 News

A well deserved  break!

A well deserved break!

Year 6 have had an incredibly busy 2 weeks.  They had a short time to settle into their new classroom before their SATs test the following week. Well done to year 6 who  settled in and quickly made the  class their new home.  During  the SATs test, the children worked...

Great Progress by Year 6!

Great Progress by Year 6!

Well done to Year 6! They have made great progress with their SATs revision especially in the past two weeks.   We are proud of their efforts and resilience. We will continue to revise for the Maths, Grammar and Reading tests for the next three week. In shaa Allah we...

World Book Day 2022!

World Book Day 2022!

Year 6 had lots of fun during this year's World Book Day which was celebrated on Wednesday and Thursday. First, they listened to Islamic tales which were presented by Khayaal Productions. All the children looked amazing in their World Book Day costumes. JazakAllah...

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